Jobscan Helps You Get That Job

Now that you’ve signed a lease for a Tandem apartment for next year – ahem, right? – it’s time to start thinking about brushing up your resume to nail down that summer job or internship that will set you firmly on the path to success.

If you’ll be looking for something in the business field, has information about a great tool that will help you get by the first round of electronic resume-weeding. Jobscan will compare your resume to a position’s specific requirements, and help you see where you’re a great match and where you need to spend a little time padding, er, bolstering, your credits.

Jobscan Analyzes Your Resume, Helps You Get Past Computer Screeners

Applicant screening software may be all that’s standing in the way between you and a job interview. To get past it, you need to make sure your resume has all the relevant keywords matching the job description. That’s where Jobscan comes in.

Paste your resume into one text box and the job description in another, and the webapp will show you how well your resume matches. You’ll also find how many times certain skills are mentioned—so you can prioritize those skills on your resume.