Let Your Learning Style Dictate Your Organizing Style

It’s hard enough to both stay on top of school and keep your Davis apartment organized. Smart multi-taskers have already learned to get ahead by letting their learning style inform their organizing style.

Different types of brains learn in different ways.

Most of us have heard of the three main learning styles: visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. Visual learners rely heavily on their eyesight. Graphs, diagrams, images, and the written word are incredibly helpful tools for visual learners, and they often create mental images of texts or experiences in order to remember them. Kinesthetic learners are those who learn by doing. These are the people who dive right into assembling that IKEA furniture, and who remember information that they have gained through touch and movement. Auditory learners absorb information by listening. Seminars, reading aloud, listening to books on tape or lectures: all these methods are optimal for focusing an auditory learner’s attention.

Apartmenttherapy.com has some great suggestions for using your learning style to your best organizing advantage. Fighting against nature will only leave your frustrated. Setting up your school or work space now in a way that complements your learning style will leave you poised for success in the future.


Image credit: rockbottomclosets.com