Moving Tips for the College Student

‘Tis the season to be moving on. Whether you’re graduating from UC Davis and moving to start the next leg of your adulthood, or you’re moving into a new Tandem apartment early, or you are doing a summer internship in a different locale and are sub-letting to someone for the summer, it’s time to load ’em up and head ’em out.

Here are some handy moving tips from to help you get through this process. Want more info? Click on the link for more.

1.) Formally notify your landlord about your imminent move

First things first – be aware of the notice period specified in your lease. Depending on your lease, you can be required to give up to 90-day advance notice. To avoid too much back-and-forth with your security deposit, send a formal notice to your landlord or landlady by mail, with return receipt requested, keeping the notice period in mind. Follow it up with a phone call to ensure that your notice has been received.  (Ed. note: MFA reader Robert recently suggested that you deliver the notice in person and have a copy countersigned by the landlord’s representative.)

packing moving van2.) Book a moving company or reserve a moving van

It’s always smart to book your moving company in advance. It will beat the frustration of last-minute booking hassles, especially during peak seasons when college students arrive or leave. Check out several moving companies in your local area. Compare their services and ask for customer testimonials if possible, to make an informed decision. If you don’t plan to engage the services of a moving company, reserve a rental truck or van (unless you already have one that’s big enough) for the job.

3.) Communicate change of address

Visit your nearest post-office for a change of address form and notify your landlord or landlady, banks and credit card companies about your new contact details. If you have to transfer utility services, you also want to communicate your new address information to your utility companies.