Your Relocation Checklist

Whether you’re moving to Davis to start school soon, or getting ready to head out to your first “real” job, there are some prudent steps you should take before calling a moving company. The Wall Street Journal recently covered the issue. For more great advice click on the link.

What Relocating Grads Should Be Thinking About

There’s More to It Than Finding a Place to Live

Many of this spring’s college graduates will soon be off to take jobs in new cities. While finding a place to live might be first on a relocating grad’s to-do list, it’s just one of the many things he or she should be thinking about when beginning this next chapter in a new place.

Tap company resources. Some firms offer through a third party relocation-assistance services designed to help make your transition a smooth one—so ask what’s available through your company.

Work college contacts. Before you leave campus, check to see if there are any senior events for grads headed to your new region.

As you settle in in your new city, check out local alumni groups for your alma mater or fraternity or sorority. You’re likely to meet people who are more established in your city as well as fellow newcomers.

Make home social. Rent a room in a house with other young people. The best way to assemble social circles is to find like-minded people and live with them.

Live close to work and minimize your commute is key. You’re less likely to be social after work knowing there’s a long commute ahead of you.

Get involved. Social life after college requires more advance planning now that bumping into friends in the dining hall was no longer an option.

Join a sports league that organizes weekly bowling nights or flag-football games. Such groups make it easy to meet and see new friends on a regular basis when you’re new to a city, she says.

You might also try meeting people through religious institutions or groups, as well as cultural organizations. And perhaps you’ll find that parents’ friends or relatives you haven’t seen for years happen to live nearby.