Surefire Summer Flirting Tips

With apologies to the lyricist of Grease, “Summer lovin’, had me a blast; summer lovin’, happened so fast….”

Looking for a little romance action this summer, but your flirting skills withered on the chem lab vine this spring? We have some surefire tips for successful summer flirting from Ariel Kiley and Simone Kornfeld, the authors of Smitten: the Way of the Brilliant Flirt.

Looking for seven more fabulous tips? Click on this link to the Huffington Post article.

1. Location, location, location 
If you’re interested in making real live human connections, you must position yourself accordingly. As you walk into the bar, restaurant, or steamy subway car, sit in an easily approachable area. The shadowy corner in the rear of the room surrounded by a host of friends is not an ideal spot to entice new interactions. This positioning creates an impenetrable fortress that only a reckless, desperate individual would attempt to breach. Since dating those unstable types is so last summer, we recommend instead choosing a spot that’s an open, welcoming environment fit to receive the kinds of visitors you are eager to mix and mingle with.

2. The Creative Querist
A surefire way to make your flirting fall flat is to insist upon asking the mundane initial questions we all know so well. “Where are you from?” “What do you do?” “Where did you go to school?” Blah, blah, blah. Aren’t we all sick of reciting our hometowns, positions, and pedigrees? Add some sexy summertime spark to the exchange by asking something unexpected. “What’s the scariest animal you’ve seen in the wild?” “Have you ever counted your freckles?” “Do you think papaya tastes like dirty feet too?” You can gain loads of inspiration from your immediate environment, by asking how the bench suits her bottom, or if his fish is fried to his liking. Tap into your genuine curiosity and allow your unique inquiry to emerge. Whether they respond with a laugh, a smile or a slap, it’ll be a whole lot more interesting than “Paramus. Programming. Penn State.”

3. Practice Makes Perfect 
Quality flirting begets more quality flirting. So in the Smitten philosophy we never ration our flirtatious energies. Instead, we flirt all the time. This doesn’t mean that you’re open season for unwanted sexual encounters. It just means that you create playful, friendly, fun interactions from the minute you set foot out your door. Give the bus driver a dazzling smile, say something super sweet to the doorman, offer the woman who moved over to make room at the bar a sip of your refreshing mint julep. By the time someone crosses your path that you might really want to get to know, you’ll be all warmed up with your mojo on high.