Take the Extra Step When Davis Apartment Hunting

We’re all for cutting corners on occasion. If we could have gotten through UC Davis by sleeping on our textbooks (see pic to right), we would have.

But when it comes to finding an apartment in Davis, it pays to do your due diligence. A lot of managers talk the talk, but you don’t want to discover after you move in that they don’t walk the walk. This is where sleuthing skills come in handy.

A manager with nothing to hide, like those at Tandem Properties, will encourage you to chat with random current residents and ask them what it’s like to live there. If the person giving you the tour at any other apartment complex is loathe to let you do this, come back later on your own and ask those pesky but necessary¬†questions.

You can also go online. DavisWiki is a wealth of information. Bear in mind that there will always be one or two complainers online, but if you see a pattern of people mentioning property neglect, safety violations, or other deal-breakers, consider yourself forewarned. Likewise, if a property is consistently praised, you can take that to the bank.

There are no guarantees in life (we hate to break it to you like this in a blog), but by going the extra mile now and doing your homework before signing on the dotted line, you can save yourself a world of trouble and heartache.

Caveat emptor.