The Toughest Schools in the U.S. – Surprisingly UC Davis Is Not on the List!

Are you feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and under-appreciated? Good news! It could be worse. recently listed the hardest colleges in America, and not a single UC made the list. Phew! In fact, the only California school to make the top-10 cut was the California Institute of Technology, which ranked at number nine.

There are dozens of colleges out there with a reputation for academic intensity. But which schools run their students through the most demanding curricula, the most rigorous courses, and the most staggering obstacles to maintaining a social life? Enroll at one of these colleges and you’re guaranteed to spend days and nights poring over textbooks and puzzled by problem sets. Even if you’re among the most dedicated scholars, overachievers or self-proclaimed dorks, these ten colleges will kick your butt and and expect you to ask for more.

9.) California Institute of Technology

“Not for the faint of heart. Work is 100 hours per week” 
-Anonymous, Alum

“The classes are hard, but they teach you a lot. So be prepared to work your ass off, but get a world-class education because of it“ 
-Ben, Alum, Engineering

“Everyone who’s even considering Caltech knows that Caltech’s academics are incredibly challenging. The learning done at Caltech is indubitably one of the best in the nation.” 
-Abraham, Sophomore, Chemistry

Other finalists included Columbia, Johns Hopkins, UPenn, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, University of Chicago, Swarthmore, and MIT.

So what is the #1 school most likely to kick you in the aaaaaa…cetabulum? Bet you can’t guess it. Click on the link above to find out.


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