UC Davis transfer student site has changed.

For those students who wish to transfer to UC Davis, the program has gone through a slight site and name change. The new site is the Transfer Admission Planner.  Check it out how the site now describes their mission:


Welcome to the UC Transfer Admissions Planner! This online tool is designed to help prospective UC students transferring from California community colleges track and plan their course work, including those students who are seeking a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) with one of the seven participating UC campuses. 

How to use the online planner

Students can use the Transfer Admissions Planner to enter their course work (completed and planned) from the very beginning of their college careers, or at any point when they decide to transfer to a UC campus. The planner helps students track their progress toward meeting UC’s minimum requirements, and allows UC staff to communicate important information to prospective transfer students. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their community college counselor, as this tool does not replace advising students receive at their college. 

The information students enter in the planner allows UC staff to direct appropriate information to students quickly. All information collected is considered confidential and is shared only with students’ community colleges, UC admissions officers, and UC Education Partnership Programs personnel.

Applying for a TAG

Students seeking a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) with one of the seven participating campuses (UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Santa Cruz) may apply using the online planner. Students must satisfactorily complete UC and campus-specific transfer admission requirements to be eligible for a TAG. More information on TAGs can be found in the TAG section of the planner.
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