We Don't Care What They Say, We Love Sacramento

J.smith / Wikimedia CommonsWe love living in Davis, and visiting our neighbor city Sacramento, so we were astonished to hear on Capital Public Radio that Conde Nast readers recently voted Sacramento the 10th unfriendliest city in the U.S.

As Seth Myers likes to say on SNL, “Really?!”

Maybe it’s the fact that folks scurry to get from one air-conditioned building to another during our triple-digit summers. Or maybe it’s because they’re depressed by the Tule fog that blankets the area in the winter.

A survey of readers by a national travel magazine is pretty rough on Sacramento. Conde Nast Traveler’s annual survey ranks Sacramento as the 10th most unfriendly city in the United States. The magazine article includes reader comments that call Sacramento “a real disappointment,” and “a bit dingy.”
In fact, California wasn’t ranked as very friendly in general. In addition to Sacramento, Los Angeles, Anaheim and Oakland made the mean top 10.

Only Sonoma made the list of the top-10 friendliest cities.

More than 46-thousand readers took part in the poll. 

Forty-six thousand uninformed readers, we’re thinking.

Well, as least we outranked Newark, NJ. (#1 unfriendliest).



Photo credit: J.Smith/Wikimedia Commons