What's Your Favorite UC Davis Nap Spot?

We remember that T.S. Eliot proclaimed April to be “the cruelest month,” but we definitely consider winter the cruelest season here at UC Davis. The cold, the fog, the overcast, the exams, the Davis apartment-hunting. It’s enough to make a girl want to wrap her Afghan around her and settle down for a “long winter’s nap.”

Fortunately, HuffPo kindly published a piece on the best places to catch 40 winks on campus, complete with a map.

If you haven’t taken a nap in public on campus at least once during your college career, you’re doing it wrong.

Finding the best spot to catch those few winks, though, can present a challenge. Enter some ingenious students at the University of California-Davis Student Health & Wellness Center who collaborated on Google Maps to place the best spots to nap on campus.

The map was posted to Reddit Wednesday morning by criticize-deng, and has 23 spots plotted so far with details about each of the locations.

Where’s your favorite nap spot on camous?

Image credit: Mashable.com