10 Perfect Sleep Tips for Your Davis Apartment

Life in a Tandem apartment in Davis is pretty sweet, but if you’re one of those unlucky folks who habitually tosses and turns into the wee smalls, we have ten surefire ways of helping you nod off and stay asleep for eight (or more) blissful hours.


The Tips – In Order of Importance

1. Eat a Small Dinner – This is a huge deal and so easy. While a big meal before bed can keep your digestion working for hours, a small meal puts only a light demand on your body and allows it to rest much more fully. Sara and I actually have got it down to a large, fresh vegetable juice in the evening. That’s all. You sleep better, AND you stay trim. 🙂

2. Avoid Alcohol – While a great way to FALL asleep, all those fun drinks, like wine and beer, etc, will ruin a good nights’ sleep by causing dehydration (among other things). They make me wake up in the middle of the night with a powerful, uncomfortable thirst, and I’m often very hot as well. And then there’s that occasional hangover, which sucks. Want to sleep really well? Skip the fun drinks in the evening (we skip on weeknights).

3. Unwind Your Mind – Like your body, your mind can be over stimulated and make it hard to get a really good night’s rest. When I have a stressful day at work I make an effort to not work or look at email after dinner. Computers and work stuff can really wind me up. Instead, I’ll take a hot bath and read a book, both of which totally take my mind off the day.

4. Three Nights in a Row is the Magic Number – Sleep is cumulative, so don’t expect a really good night’s sleep on your first night. You need at least two nights and preferably three to get into a really good groove and bank some deep rest. We stick to these tips most Mondays through Thursdays and that’s when it really gets good.

For more tips on sleeping through the night in your Tandem apartment in Davis, please visit the link at apartmenttherapy.com.