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How to Find Your Davis Apartment: A Guide to Getting Started

Tandem’s Tips and Housing Updates

Over the next few weeks and going into the leasing season, we’ll be posting housing quick tips. Follow along on Tandem’s Instagram for housing tips. And, if you want to get notified when we start leasing at our 14 Tandem communities, be sure to subscribe to Tandem’s Housing Updates–our email newsletter.

As always, if you need a little extra help getting started, message us at any of Tandem’s communities on Instagram, or Facebook, or use our Rental Concierge on the Tandem website to be directly matched with a Tandem Housing Specialist. Many of our employees are UC Davis alumni who have been through the first-time apartment process and they are more than happy to help answer your questions.

Off-Campus Housing Presentations

Somewhere between those looming fall-quarter finals and the mad dash home for the holidays, a sign went up announcing Off-Campus Housing Presentations at UC Davis. This officially marks the start of your search for your fall off-campus Davis apartment.

Off-Campus Housing Presentations are a great opportunity to hear about housing and get a good overview of what’s involved in the process. If you’ve attended (or will attend) those, you’re off to a great start!

Using the time between now and New Year’s to prep is also a perfect way to get ahead on your housing search. And, like all things housing-related, Tandem is here to help!

Starting Your Davis Apartment Search

So, first things first, where should you get started? Before you stress that you have one more thing to pile onto your holiday plate, know that when it comes to next fall’s housing, this month is just about gathering information.

Now it’s time to zero in on what’s important to you when selecting your first Davis apartment home. You’ll also want to start to outline your timing for next-steps. For now, here is a copy of our Guide to Finding Your First Davis Apartment. Take this home with you during the holiday break and use it to start organizing your search.

With your complete guide in hand, you’ll come back from your vacation ready to jump into your next housing step, finding the perfect housing for you.

Download the Davis Apartment Guide to Getting Started

You can view and download a full version of the Guide to Finding Your First Davis Apartment here.