Tandem in the Community

Tandem Foundation Gives $30,000 to Davis Schools


Started in 2000, the Tandem Foundation has proudly given back to Davis schools each spring. This year, 13 schools received a total of $30,000 from Tandem Foundation grants. We are thankful to the educators who do great work shaping our students and we are proud to give back to our wonderful community.

Here is the full list of grants received this year:

2016 Tandem Foundation Grant Recipients

Davis High School

  • $2,000 for the Davis High School Orchestra, funding an outreach concert

Da Vinci Charter Academy

  • $775 for 25 copies of “The Wonder Woman Chronicles Vol. 1”
    $1,500 to a one-year subscription to WeVideo for 300 students

Davis School for Independent Study

  • $380 to the Robotics Club for one Lego Mindstorm robotic kit

Harper Junior High School

  • $540 for the purchase of 33 diverse books
  • $1,700 for a Diversity Day facilitator and substitutes for teachers
  • $527 for 13 copies of three different titles for Spanish 4 students
  • $750 for a variety of library books to help motivate boys to read

Holmes Junior High School

  • $1,500 to purchase a sander and sanding sheet for the industrial technology department
  • $295 to purchase transgender and gay-themed books for the library
  • $420 for new P.E. equipment: golf striking mats, badminton rackets, tennis racquets, pickleballs, pickleball racquets
  • $1,248 for 10 TI 84 calculators, a charging station, manuals, and cables
  • $2,125 for a travel tuba and case for the Patriot Pep Band
  • $1,599 for 200 T-shirts for students taking a leadership role in multiple schools’ recycling programs

Birch Lane Elementary

  • $491 for 14 copies of “Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling” picture books for English learners
  • $208 for 32 copies of the “Boy of the Painted Cave” literature set for sixth-graders
  • $1,070 for an eagle mascot costume and buddy bench

Chávez Elementary

  • $837 for 96 copies of “Journey to Topaz”
  • $592 to purchase a learning carpet for a classroom
  • $511 to purchase various items for the Cooking in the Classroom program

Korematsu Elementary

  • $2,300 for a playground coordinator to create a safe and inclusive environment on the playground and engage students

Montgomery Elementary

  • $1,170 for two iPad Airs, cases, and ear phones for special-education students

North Davis Elementary

  • $655 for a yearly subscription to “Engage in History with Social Studies Weekly”
  • $1,000 to purchase new nonfiction books for the library

Patwin Elementary

  • $239 to purchase a classroom microphone
  • $2,000 for an after-school robotics coordinator, materials, and curriculum

Pioneer Elementary

  • $1,468 to purchase five standing desks
  • $324 for an emWave Pro biofeedback device with software and sensor for a self-regulation intervention program

Willett Elementary

  • $616 for a California streaming site license for 560 students
  • $1,160 to support the Willett Elementary School Chorus