Tech Tuesday: iRobot's Latest Roomba Robot is Designed for Hackers

roomba create 2

Let’s face it, if you’re going to take over the world, building a robot army is a required skill. Here’s your chance.

In addition to world domination, you can keep your Davis, CA apartment neat and tidy for your roommates with the latest Roomba vacuuming robot, designed specifically to be hacked.

its alive
iRobot’s Create 2 is a programmable robot with a USB interface for uploading custom code that sells for $200. It’s available now.


According to Tech HiveiRobot is supplying the robot as an educational too designed to enhance STEM education programs. In addition to the programming interface, iRobot includes a faceplate drill template, an overt encouragement for students and hobbyists to get their hands dirty and start hacking. A list of DIY projects on the iRobot site provides instructions on how to turn the Create 2 into a camera bot, a mobile DJ, or as a “lightpainting” tool, using LED lights and long-exposure photography. iRobot even provides files and instructions to 3D-print entirely new parts, such as a larger waste bin.

“Robots have a cool factor unlike any other learning tool,” said iRobot chairman and chief executive officer Colin Angle in a statement. “Create 2, with its online resources, reliable hardware born of the award winning Roomba, and ease of customization simply delivers more robot than anything available to students and educators at or near its price. We are so excited to be able to make this available to the educational community.”

iRobot also said that it had been named the lead organizer and founder of National Robotics Week, which will be held April 4-12, 2015.

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