FREE COFFEE: Dutch Bros. Opens Coffee Kiosk Friday, November 30th

Caffeine addicts all over Davis are rejoicing at the prospect of a new competitor in the hotly debated question of who sells the best coffee in town.

Located at 980 W. Olive Drive, across the street from In-N-Out, the Dutch Bros. drive-thru is conveniently located for snackers in need of a beef and caffeine pick-me-up.

Those same snackers are also salivating at the thought of 24 hours of free coffee.

According to the Sacramento Bee:

The company will mark the opening by giving away free drinks for 24 hours, starting at 5 a.m. All 16-ounce drinks will be free, including specialty coffee, smoothies, freezes and private-label energy drinks.

Dutch Bros. Davis is locally owned and operated by Sean and Lynsey Provost, who also own two stands in Woodland.

With the Davis opening, privately held Dutch Bros., headquartered in Grants Pass, Ore., will have 26 stands throughout California.

Dutch Bros. has about 200 stands in seven states.

No word on whether this coffee drive-thru will stock complimentary doggie treats for its canine customers like the Starbucks by Sutter Davis Hospital.