Meet One of Davis's Police K-9 Officers – Hurricane

You may have heard or read about that scary carjacking (though not here, we only write about happy things) in south Davis that ended hours later in a cornfield south of town. We were amused to hear that the criminal was able to outfox (note the canine pun) officers on foot and in the sky (CHP helicopter), but a German shepherd by the name of Hurricane (or Cane, to his fans Рseen to the left) and his handler, Davis Police Officer Lee Hatfield, quickly brought the bad guy to heel (heh-heh).

According to the City of Davis web site:

He is trained in protection work, narcotics detection, and tracking. When working, Hurricane is intense and focused, but on his time off his favorite activities are eating and sleeping. Hurricane is also a playful and social dog that loves meeting new people, swimming, and playing with his toys.

Cane’s K-9 buddy within the DPD is another, equally talented German shepherd named Atto. But unless you’re nocturnal, you’re not likely to meet these two, as they tend to work nights.

Here’s a cute video of Cane soaking up some well-deserved love recently at the Davis Senior Center.