Davis CA, Moving Tips

Moving Blog Post 1200 final

We know moving can be stressful, so Tandem has put together 8 useful tips to help you get the ball rolling!

  1. Whether you have been in your current place for one year or many, it’s amazing how quickly personal items accumulate.  Attempting to de-clutter and organize your household early is helpful come actual move-out.  When like-items are organized, boxing them is substantially easier.
  2. If you are moving to a different size space and need to sell (or buy) larger items, utilize online platforms! Craigslist, U-Loop, OfferUp, and Facebook are all great spaces to advertise and find great deals on items for your new home.
  3. Moving smaller items, though sometimes counter-intuitive, can be harder than the larger ones. Collecting moving supplies and boxes early helps keep things organized.  Labeling the boxes and filling them room-by-room can help make the packing and unpacking process easier.
  4. Secure help! If you have family and friends with a vehicle large enough to help with the move, ask them! If not, be sure to rent a U-Haul; you can check out some places to rent them here.  They rent up quickly in Davis, so again: the sooner, the better!
  5.  Return your apartment back to the condition you found it by following the cleaning guidelines provided by management.  When in doubt, clean, clean, and clean some more.
  6. Be sure your USPS mail follows you.  Get your mail forwarded to your new address.  It is easy and can be done online here!
  7. Love your weekly TV shows?  Be sure to transfer and/or cancel your contracted third party service companies (PG&E, cable/internet, phone, etc.)  Often transferring your service can save you time and money by avoiding new set-up fees.
  8. Talk to your management team about your account and move-out to ensure you have done everything you need to do!  It’s possible there might be a small balance due from that replacement key you forgot about.  It is easier to deal with any small details while you are still living at the property.

When in doubt talk to management!  Tandem has great teams who are here as resources for you to utilize to ensure the move-out process goes as smoothly as possible.