Getting to know UC Davis Campus: Alumni Advice

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Davis is back in action!  With parking lots packed, downtown bustling, and communities full with students and other active residents, Tandem could not help but dropping a few tips from our UC Davis alumni employees for all the campus go-ers to enjoy.

  1. DISCOVER THE COFFEE HOUSE (COHO):  RUN, DO NOT walk, to the Coffee House.  This is one of the largest run student organizations around, and cranks out some of the best food and snacks in town.  Give some of these treats a try the next time you’re at the MU, as they are our  Tandem employee Angelica’s (Biological Science Major and former CoHo student manager) favorites: chicken tetrazzini, meatloaf, and carrot cake.
  1. BIKERS BE WARNED:  If you have not learned already, you soon will.  Davis is a biking town.  Though there are many ways to get to campus, many travel on bike, especially while the weather is nice.  The trouble with Fall quarter is that many students are unaware of biking laws and etiquette, making the roundabouts and merging ‘lanes’ a bit difficult to maneuver.  Seemingly though, by Winter and Spring, all students are experienced enough to navigate campus via bike safely.
  1. BYOWB (BRING YOUR OWN WATER BOTTLE): All through campus you will find hydration stations, conveniently set up to fill your Nalgenes, Klean Kanteens, and other assorted water bottles.  Tiffany (Sociology and Psychology Double Major), loved her UC Davis nalgene and Staying hydrated, using the hydration stations at the ARC, the CoHo, and all Residence Halls on campus.
  1. LOVE THE LIBRARY: Do not be shy, spend some time on each floor at the Peter J. Shields Library.  It is the third largest library in the UC system, and has great staff that are there to help you find and utilize the resources and information.  Kaylin (Communications major and Delta Gamma Alumni) noted befriending a librarian was the ‘…best freshman year decision ever.’  No time here is wasted, find a nook and make it your own!
  1. GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE: Your years are numbered at UC Davis, so use them wisely.  Spend time studying, but get out there and try something new!  Use your student resources and get out of your comfort zone.  Nikki (Sociology Organizational Studies Major) fondly remembers intramural innertube water polo as one of the many new things she tried during her years as a student.  You may make some of your best friends or find a new passion just by getting out there and doing it!

If you have back to school jitters, remember it is normal.  Even our staff still gets those feelings when our communities fill up again after a slow summer, and students start using Unitrans to get to and from campus.  Stop by any Tandem office if you have any questions or need help getting back in the swing of things, it is what we are here for.