A student's guide to jury duty

If you register to vote in Davis and live here long enough, you will probably be called to Woodland for jury duty. If you want a guide to getting out of jury duty as a student, Logan James Ivey at HackCollege has a few tips.

What Students Need to Know About Jury Duty

Students can get out of it (kind of) 

The most important information you need to know, is that if you get a jury summons while in school, you do not need to go to jury duty during the exact week that the summons says. The court will allow students to postpone their service until their next break (winter or summer.) You should note that, it is usually required to postpone the service within the week you receive your summons, or the postponement will not be valid. So, do not procrastinate postponing your service once you receive your summons.

You need show up!

After, you postpone your jury duty, you will still have to complete your service at a later time.  You must call in on the right dates, (your summons will tell you when) and if you have to serve, make sure you go! If you do not go you can get fined a pretty significant amount or even go to jail.

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