Just in case you’ve missed the two years of solid campaigning, the roughly $2 billion in ads both parties have aired or the lawn signs all over Davis and Woodland, today is Election Day. You should probably vote or something.

Voting has many benefits including freebies at some restaurants, including a cool red and blue indivisible bracelet at Starbucks.

Go to Starbucks to pick up one of these cool indivisible bracelets after you vote.

Also it gives you complaining rights, makes you very sexy and is the highest civic sacrament that hundreds of thousands of Americans died to protect. So vote.

If you’re not sure about the issues, Lifehacker will show you How to Catch Up on the Elections and Prepare Yourself for the Voting Booth in 15 Minutes.  Google has a great voter guide to help you find your polling place and where to get the quick 411 on the candidates and issues.

Tonight if you want to follow the local results, check out the official Yolo County Elections Office site (where you can also find your polling place and read the voter guide).