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A Student Guide to Voting in Davis

Did you know that Tandem has consistently offered many of our locations as polling stations each election year? At Tandem, we believe that our commitment to community and creating quality living environments extends beyond more than just apartments.  

In our effort to continually expand our resident services and contribute to the Davis community at large, we are happy to announce that we will now be offering voter registration forms in our offices. Whatever your needs are, at Tandem, we want to provide you with more than a place to live; we want to give you convenience, community, and comfort.

Tandem believes our residents should have a voice. Join us in getting out the word and registering to vote in the upcoming election! We have registration forms available in our community offices for your convenience and our staff are here to help answer any questions. Tip: Elections are during UC Davis finals this year. Register now to vote early by mail!

June 5th Primary and Davis General Municipal Elections

The June 5th Primary and local Davis General Municipal Elections are just weeks away! If this is your first time voting away from home, here are a few tips to help the process go smoothly:

Tips for Voting in Davis

  1. Know where you are registered to vote. Election notices may not do you much good in the mailbox at your prior address. If you’ve established your residency in a Davis apartment, make sure you are registered at your current address. The last day to register to vote is May 21st for the June 5th Election.
  2. You can register quickly online via the California Secretary of State website. It takes just a minute and is an important first step to complete prior to May 21st registration deadline. You can even do it right now or stop by any Tandem community office to grab a paper registration form. Don’t be afraid to ask our team members if you need help.
  3. The June 5th Election is during UC Davis final exams this year. Consider re-registering to vote so you can vote easily by mail!
  4. Get to know your politicians and local ballot measures. If you are registered in Davis, don’t miss your chance to impact the local community by getting to know local measures appearing on your ballot.
  5. Know your assigned polling station. Your polling station will be set 2-4 weeks prior to the election. Tandem offers the use of some of our community rooms for this purpose every year. Your assigned polling station will come in the mail printed on your voter guide. You can also search for your polling station on the California Secretary of State website.
  6. Vote on June 5th. Join the community on June 5th to exercise your right to vote. Every vote matters! We hope to see you on Election Day 2018!

Tandem in the Community

At Tandem, we believe that our commitment to community and creating quality living environments extends beyond the doorsteps of our properties. Join us in our work to LOVE where we live by asking your community manager about Tandem sponsored projects happening in the Davis community.