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Davis Apartment Search Calendar: Your Housing Checklist

At Tandem, we like to compare your housing selection to your decision to attend UC Davis. This decision will impact you each day, there are a lot of options, and the process can seem both exciting…and a little overwhelming.

Also like your college search, you probably didn’t make the decision in a day. A series of small steps and deadlines helped you to reach your goal of choosing the perfect college.

Keeping that in mind can help you manage the complex task of finding off-campus apartment housing in Davis–and your friends at Tandem are here to help!

Finding Your Davis Apartment: What to Do

Last week in our housing quick tip series, we shared our go-to Guide to Getting Started with your Davis apartment search. The guide contains our printable Wants vs. Needs and Budget worksheets and can be downloaded in our post located here.

Finding Your Davis Apartment: When to Get Started

Equally important to knowing the steps involved in the housing process is knowing when to implement them. For this week’s housing quick tip, we are sharing our Davis Apartment Search Calendar. Use this as your go-to-guide for when and how to get started.

Our November Housing Checklist Items Include

The Full Housing Checklist


Davis Apartment Search Calendar

View the full-size image of the Davis Housing Checklist here.